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Mental health support on a classroom whiteboard

12 September 2019 11:34 AM | Karen (Administrator)

It's R U OK? Day - all about making meaningful connections with people around us and starting conversations with anyone who is struggling with life. BTW - here are some great conversation starters. 

So, I thought this idea by a teacher on how she checks in with her students worth a share - Check-in board to support mental health.

The kids write their name ON THE BACK of a sticky note and place it on the whiteboard. At the top it says 'Monday Check-in' and then there are sections underneath with different 'state of being' labels. During the week the teacher talks privately to each child to check how they are going and if they need to talk about something that is happening in their life.

Studies show that mental health issues among young people are on the rise, so whatever we can do to reach out and express our care is definitely a worthy action.

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