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Youth Mental Health a Concern

27 October 2019 3:39 PM | Karen (Administrator)

The latest young mental health reports from Mission Australia and the Black Dog Institute have unearthed some startling information. 

24.2 per cent of young people experienced mental distress (up from 18.7 per cent in 2012). 

Mental health experts say they are unclear as to why the rates are getting worse. More detail in 'Mental health concerns increasingly common among young Australians, report finds'. 

There is no simple and easy answer to what is being reported in this article. There are multiple things happening that have an impact on young folk like pressure from various perspectives, social media & easily accessible technology, self, school & family expectations.

I'd also say that the news media has to be included as well. Also, role models, e.g. family, sporting, can sometimes send a negative message to youngsters.

There are lots of agencies and programs available to support young folk. It's articles like this that reinforce the work MyGenius Inc is involved in with Genius Camps; helping tweens and teens to find their inner genius, confidence, clarity about who they really are and the courage to be the person they need to become. 

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