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Be Confident: Encourage Positivity 

Publicly available

This video provides background information on ways to help your child be confident and successful at school. It introduces the first step, encourage their positives, which focuses on the importance of positive role models, your child’s natural strengths, emotional intelligence, and valuing learning.

Watch Be Confident: Encourage Positivity

Be Confident: Develop their Confidence

Only available to members

This video explores the second step, develop their confidence, which focuses on the need to offer encouragement and praise, avoid criticism, set your child up for success, and that life sometimes ‘sucks’.

Watch Be Confident: Develop their Confidence [Member only link]

Be Confident: Monitor their Distractions

Only available to members

This video considers things you might need to do to monitor their distractions. This third step provides suggestions like time limits on devices, ways to manage screen time, being social media smart, and watch out for the bully.

Watch Be Confident: Monitor their Distractions [Member only link]

Be Confident: Support their Learning

Only available to members

This video looks at step four, support their learning. Consider developing good reading habits, engaging in active learning, supporting study time and homework, and getting involved in the child’s school activities.

Watch Be Confident: Support their Learning [Member only link]

Be Confident: Explore their Future

Only available to members

Step five looks at exploring their future. The suggestions are to spend time setting some goals, investigating career options, developing a family vision board, and celebrating the magic moments.

Watch Be Confident: Explore their Future [Member only link]

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