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We work with businesses who have a strong desire to invest in their community. MyGenius Inc. is thrilled to bring you this opportunity to support the next generation and, at the same time, gain major exposure for your business.

When you sponsor a micro-camp or in-school program, your investment directly impacts young people.

They experience a real difference in their personal lives and develop enterprise skills that connect with their passions to allow them to explore a purpose for their life.

They are encouraged to think beyond what is taught in school, and explore opportunities beyond traditional jobs. They look at what is possible as a leader, as a young entrepreneur and explore examples of social enterprise.

Your sponsorship helps us:

  • Offer a 2-day, fun-filled and action packed micro-camp or 8-week in-school program for young people who are keen to engage in learning and identifying their purpose.
  • Provide personal development tools for each genius camper to identify their individual characteristics, aptitudes and capabilities for success.
  • Support parents to support their kids in discovering an inspiring future.

Contact our Sponsor Co-ordinator to find out how your business can be involved in igniting the genius in every child.

The Problem Today

There is a growing sense of urgency that the education system is not preparing our youth adequately for the demands of today’s workplace, never mind the workplace of tomorrow. Many young people lack confidence, a belief in their own abilities or the ability to handle pressure.

What’s more, we are seeing alarming trends in anxiety, depression and youth suicide, as young people become disengaged, find learning irrelevant and struggle to recognise their value.

Even with the exponential growth in technology to connect us, we as a global society feel more disconnected than ever…from who we are as individuals as well as from each other.

With this disconnection we are often faced with not knowing where to turn when we want to give back to our communities and feel that sense of connection to give our lives purpose and meaning. Corporate philanthropists are also facing an abundance of data to guide their generosity, as well as often inaccurate and irrelevant data.

  • 51% of young people lack confidence in their ability to achieve their study/work goals.
  • 4 in 10 felt there are barriers which impact upon them finding work.
  • 43% identify mental health as a top issue.
  • 12.7 deaths by suicide per 100,000 (and increasing year by year).
  • 1 in 4 youth are impacted, during the school year, by bullying.

[Mission Australia Youth Survey 2018; Australian Bureau of Statistics]

The Solution - First Steps

What if we valued each other for the unique amazing humans we all are from the moment we enter our first ‘community’, our schools? The solution begins with Genius Camps!

Genius Camps offer personalised learning over a fun-packed 2 days. Each participant will learn what makes them unique, and identify their natural brain wired strengths based on the ‘Talent Dynamics for Young People’ assessment.

In our ever growing global society we need to feel connected with one another and giving back is a huge factor in the sense of belonging, one of the key pillars in the Science of Happiness. One of the key components within Genius Camp is connecting our attendees' passions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how they can give back and feel connected to something bigger than themselves.

Our Geniuses will:

  • Design their team alliance to thrive throughout Genius Camp as a unified team!
  • Learn life skills outside of what is normally taught in school; such as Enterprise Skills.
  • Learn how to support their inner Genius through Nutrition, Exercise, Mindfulness, Meditation and how to navigate their Hero’s Journey…and so much more!
  • Develop self-esteem and knowledge to succeed in today’s world as well as tomorrow’s workplace!

The Genius Camp Experience

Show up – Self awareness

Who am I, how I think, how I learn, how I relate and how I lead

(Genius ‘Smarts’, Resilience, Self esteem, Self worth)

Step up – Connection and collaboration

Being in flow, reason for being (Ikigai), set up for success, health, wellbeing & mindfulness, being a team

(Communication, Creativity, Critical thinking, Problem solving, Teamwork skills)

Give back – Contribution / Entrepreneurial spirit

Passions & purpose |UN Sustainable Development Goals

(Communication, Creativity, Critical thinking, Presentation, Problem solving, Teamwork skills)

Sponsorship Options

Here are 4 different ways you can partner with us:

  • Platinum level – $10,000 (Single sponsor camp)
  • Gold level – $6,000
  • Event partner- $4,000
  • Event supporter – $1,000

At our Platinum Level – $10,000 (one sponsor only) this is what we offer:

  • Personally sponsor 20 young people (middle school or high school) to attend one of our Genius Camps or in-school programs and enable 5 Genius Educator Coaches to deliver the program and support the Genius Campers throughout the program.
  • Your sponsorship provides these young people with access to resources for up to 12 months to support their ongoing personal development. 
  • Your brand on prominent display on all printed & digital materials, including student, parent and coach workbooks and on social media with a link to your website.
  • Acknowledgement on stage throughout Genius Camp and parent session.
  • A goodie bag giveaway/voucher of your choice to be gifted to all participants at the events.
  • Opportunity to have you or one of your employees participate as a Special Guest Genius.
  • Up to 5 of your staff being provided with their unique Talent Dynamics profile report that identifies individual strengths, talents & capabilities to add value to your business. 

Contact our Sponsor Co-ordinator for more information about each level.

Check out this short video capture of what happened at Genius Camp USA.

What our Geniuses want you to know

“Failure doesn’t mean that you failed, you just found a way not to do something.”

“To relax before you sleep, and keep your body healthy.”

“We must consider the personalities of others”

“Very helpful to help me learn how to be as efficient as I can be to learn”

“Amazing!! I had great fun today!”

“My experience today was that I got to work with a team which helped with my communication and teamwork skills.”

“That you don’t have to have straight a’s to be a genius.”

“That no one is perfect and to be yourself.”

“That this camp is so much fun and I learned a lot and the best part is that I did it while having fun.”

“Camp genius is an awesome way to create new friendships and comprehend more of the genius that is inside you. It’s is an AWESOME camp to attend.”

Current and Previous Sponsors

Business and Professional Women was established internationally 90 years ago this year and less than 20 years later in Australia BPW is for women who work, women who have worked and women who aspire to work. BPW North Lakes celebrated its 4th anniversary and encompasses networking, mentoring and elevating the status of women.

BPW develops the professional, leadership and business potential of women on all levels through advocacy, skill-building and economic empowerment programs and projects around the world.

Next Genius Camp

21, 22, 23 September, 2020

9.00am - 1.00pm each day

VenueVirtual, synchronous (real-time) learning – connect in from home.


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